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Start Workflows

How to start the workflow

After the workflow is created and successfully deployed, it can be started by a user who has sufficient rights.

Workflow can be started in different ways:

  1. Manually - using context menu for specific list item

  2. Automatically - with list item creation or update

    • When new item is created

    • When item is changed

Manual and "When new item is created" are selected by default.

If you want to start the workflow you should go back to the list for which you have prepared the workflow.

Starting The Workflow Manually

To start workflow manually just click on dots next to element title and then choose More-> Workflow options from context menu.

Then you will see a list of available workflows where you can choose which one you want to start. The workflows page looks like this:

Starting The Workflow Automatically

If "When new item is created" or "When item is changed" checkboxes are checked in Workflow Settings Form then Starting a Workflow doesn't require any additional activity.


The workflow will start. In the column describing state in which workflow is located, the inscription "Changing State..." will appear.

After a while the workflow will enter the first state. Here it will a wait until an authorized user launches an action which will lead it to the next state.