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In the Datapolis Workbox application you can create roles e.g. Director, Manager, Accountant. Individual users and SharePoint groups can be assigned to the roles. Roles are extremely helpful in managing actions. You can assign roles in individual actions. In this way, it is possible to introduce to place restrictions on the launch of actions. There can be several roles assigned to the action. Only users assigned to these roles will be able to launch the action.

Roles can be also used in Decision to decide which action run. Any other permissions in Workbox are based on SharePoint permission model.

There is a default role in the application. This role is called All Users and is assigned to each workflow action.

Roles View

All workflow roles are available in the top left corner of the designer workspace.

Add a new role

To add a new role you have to click the Add Role icon.

After clicking on the above-mentioned icon, the role definition window will appear.

In the role definition window you can set the role's name, select a convenient icon and assign SharePoint users or groups. To save the new role you need to click the OK button.

Roles settings can be changed at any time. If you want to change the settings of the selected role, you have to double click on that role. The edit window will then open.

To assign the role (and with it its users) to the action, drag the role and drop it on the selected action.

You can also assign the role to the action in another way. First you should open the action edit window, then click on the action permissions button. The window for editing permissions will open

How to check a permission settings for a given action

If you want to check a permission settings for a given action you should hold your mouse cursor over a role and the workflow diagram will change. Actions to which the role is assigned will be highlighted. Whereas, the remaining actions and all states will be grayed out.

You can also check which roles are assigned to a given action. You need to hover your mouse over the action. Then the roles which are not assigned to the selected action will be gray out.

After hovering the mouse over the "Approve without editing documents" action, most roles have been grayed out. Whereas, the role assigned to the action remained visible. Grayed out are marked with a green frame in the screen-shot below.