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What is Datapolis Workflow?

Datapolis Workflow allows to create and deploy sophisticated workflows in Office 365 environment. The software is useful for work optimization. New functionality and improvements to the core product are constantly added to make Datapolis Workflow better. The application was released on 2021.10.07 as version 0.3.283. The latest production version at the time of publishing this User Guide is 0.3.283.

How to use the user's guide

Browse to the help pages by selecting pages in the table of contents to the left. To quickly find specific product information, enter search criteria in the search box above and click the search button.

User Guide

Create And Run Your First Workflow

Workflow Administration

How to add a new Workflow

Preview of the list of Workflow

How to remove a Workflow

Workflow Designer

Workflow Settings

How to change the Name and Description of Workflow
How to change a Workflow Initialization Method
How to change an application theme


How to add a new State
State Properties
How to add a Self-timer
What are a limitations of a Self-timer
How to remove a State


How to add a new Action
Action Properties
Action Launch Form
How to remove the Action


How to add a new Decision
Decision Properties
How to remove the Decision


How to add a new Variable
How to remove the Variable


How to add an Activity
Activities Types
How to edit an Activity
How to remove an Activity


A little bit about roles

How to save a Workflow

How to deploy a Workflow

Workflow Version History Preview

Using Workflows on SharePoint Online

Permissions for using Workflows

How to start the Workflow

How to run the Action

Workflow History Preview